Smartbuy Memory Solutions KFT is an international wholesaler offering a broad and carefully picked selection of data storage and memory products (including memory cards, USB-drives, SSDs and DRAM modules), other PC hardware components for both home and office applications, peripherals, software and consumer electronics products (such as LED lighting).

We are the official distributor of SMARTBUY trademark in Europe.

Our experience in the business enables us to understand the needs of our customers. We tailor our approach to your particular requirements, so you can make the choice you want. Whether it’s managing business or configuring products for maximum satisfaction, we go one step further every time.

Our core market is small to medium size resellers and wholesalers, who do not have the scale or time to source products from a large number of vendors.

We continuously strive to offer the perfect solution for all requirements of modern digitalized life:

Competitive Pricing
You would normally expect to pay a premium for top quality service. Our aim is to maintain highly competitive pricing. Give us a call and check it for yourself! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Customer Care
We deliver on quality of service by being more efficient, more human, and more consistent. You deserve to be treated at all times with the highest possible levels of customer care. 

Effective Communication
We want our customers to tell us what they think and how we can improve! Moreover we keep them informed of developments in the market to ensure that our customers are getting best value from our products and services.

Financing Flexibility
Our goal is to support our customers and establish a long term business partnership. We are proud to offer a wide range of financing options to help you succeed in a highly competitive market.

What we ultimately offer our customers is convenience!
Simply give us a call or e-mail for more information and price quotation on our products and services. 


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